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Deadly Coronavirus, Pakistani Students Stuck in Wuhan, Pak Govt not Support Them, Watch This Video!!

Published on 09 Apr 2020 / In Film & Animation

#Coronavirus: A timeline of how the #deadly Covid-19 outbreak is evolving. #Pakistani #Students In #Wuhan Say Pakistan Won't #Evacuate Them For Political Reasons. #China had 150 new confirmed deaths from the coronavirus on Sunday, the National Health Commission announced, pushing the death toll nationwide to 2,592 among 77,150 confirmed cases, while South Korea's cases continued to balloon, reaching 833 with seven confirmed deaths. Hundreds of Pakistani students trapped in the Chinese city at the centre of the coronavirus outbreak have said they are going through “mental torture” and pleaded with their government to help get them out.

Pakistani Parents Give Govt. Three-Day Ultimatum to Evacuate Children From China CoronaVirus!! https://youtu.be/HPgQ8t886nw

CoronaVirus Update, Pakistani Parents Protest as Students Stuck in China Under Lockdown. Help Them! https://youtu.be/3oTIuYHWz0E

CoronaVirus, Congratulates Air India Team For Evacuating Over 600 Indians, Pak Student Need for Help!! https://youtu.be/mw70-hNEcr8

CoronaVirus Update in China, Pakistani Students Angry on Pakistan Govt. They Still Waiting For Help! https://youtu.be/FRVZ_F73oB0

Coronavirus Outbreak Updates, Now Bangladesh Government Evacuate over 300 Students from Wuhan China!! https://youtu.be/TZVMsNgpgjg

Coronavirus effected Pakistani Students in Wuhan, China They Need Help!! https://youtu.be/feUheFWZsb8

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