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How Muslims Can Earn a Halal Income Online in 2020 Without Breaking the Bank with Othman Al-Fasy

Published on 12 Apr 2020 / In Education

This video is an intro to How Muslims Can Earn a Halal Income Online in 2020Without Breaking the Bank, hosted by Othman Al-Fasy

Othman Al-Fasy shares his experience in online marketing. Having spent thousands of dollars in paid advertising, and over $100,000 on mentorship from industry leaders, he built a successful online agency business and shares with you the 3 secrets on how you can do it yourself.

Click on the link below to watch his free training.

At the end of the webinar, he will offer you an opportunity to work closely with him to help you launch your own online digital agency. This is completely optional and only for those who are serious for real change.

Othman Al-Fasy has a free training you can go watch right now at www.dotcomeducations.com/freewebinar

Go to www.dotcomeducations.com/freewebinar to watch the trining now

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