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Will PTA UnBan PUBG in Pakistan? Final Decision To Be Made To Lift Ban - Waqar Zaka, Ducky Bhai

Published on 18 Jul 2020 / In People & Blogs

#PTA called Waqar Zaka and Ahmad Gaming to discuss about #PUBG Ban in Pakistan. Online mobile gamers and Waqar Zaka trying hard to #UnbanPUBGPakistan.

A few programs has been recorded by Waqar Zaka along with #DuckyBhai, #MercilessMedics, #AhmadGaming, #Annonymous, #MrJayPlays and other YouTube gamers who are making good amount of money with PubG streaming online.

PTA imposed the temporary ban on PUBG in Pakistan and then asked the gaming community after banning to take their opinion on this issue. Waqar Zaka and others register their complaints in the High Court and in the PTA. High Court dismissed the petitions and asked PTA to make the final decision after that, they called Waqar and others to talk about it.

Will PTA unban PUBG in Pakistan? Will PTA lift ban on PUBG in Pakistan? Let's see what would be the final decision. Hope for the best. #PTALiftBanOnPUBG #pubgbaninpakistan #WaqarZakaPUBG #DuckyBhaiPUBG #MercilessMedicsPUBG #AhmadGamingPUBG #MrJayPlays

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